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Confused about Facebook Promoted Posts? You are not alone

 Some online community news sites aren’t feeling the love from Facebook’s new fee-based service dubbed “Promoted Posts.”  They’re feeling confusion. By now community news sites posting to their Facebook pages will have noticed a drop down tagged “promote” on their posts. … Continue reading

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#NJSandy minimized scramble of Hurricane Sandy statewide coverage

Debbie Galant had decided to experiment with a live-blogging tool called ScribbleLive she’d encountered at the ONA gathering in San Francisco. ScribbleLive claimed to simplify curation and aggregation from social networks so reporting could be delivered in a live blog. … Continue reading

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Many ways to listen: Takeaways from my time at the JA

Hello, BxBers! I’ve recently left the Journalism Accelerator, but not before learning a few valuable lessons for measuring and maintaining engagement. I’ve crossposted my goodbye on the JA and hope it will provide you with some fresh ideas for community … Continue reading

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Social media ROI, or the art of counting monsters

    Next time you’re puzzling over the return on investment, ROI, of advertising for a neighborhood business, first consider the monsters. “If you look at Facebook as the little monster in the corner you have to feed every day.  … Continue reading

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Twitter tips: Make it a community conversation

From Steve Buttry, Director of Community Engagement & Social Media at the Journal Register Co., some great tips for converting your Twitter stream from a one-way platform to a community conversation. A sampling: – Comment on the links you tweet … Continue reading

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