BxB Summit 2012

We’re excited to open early registration to publishers and others from independent online community news sites to the annual conference for hyperlocal news Sept. 13-15 in Chicago!

Register here.

As in the past, early registration is open only to publishers and site staff members and site contributors – up to two per site can register for free. We’ll open general registration in about six weeks.

Please sign up early – we ask for and we need your feedback now as we put together the program. (Our very able planning group includes Michelle Ferrier, Ben Ilfeld, Emily Lowery and Susan Mernit plus me.)

Also, we are still fundraising for the event. Emily Lowery and Ben Ilfeld have been doing a great job in lining up sponsors who are vendors or service providers that are relevant to local sites. We need a few more. Please send along your suggestions in comments or email me at

michele dot mclellan at gmail dot com


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  8. Hi folks
    Thanks for the interest in the BxB summit. We will be posting registration and sponsorship information within the next couple of weeks. Watch this space for info.

  9. We would also like to attend the summit and would like more info. We are also wondering how to become part of the organization.

  10. I am interesting in attending the BxB Summit 2012 in Chicago, who should I talk?

  11. Clay Graham says:

    Interested in how to participate in the next summit.

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