About us – online community and hyperlocal news pioneers

Block by Block is a network for online pioneers who are creating sustainable models to provide community, neighborhood and local niche news. Our news sites are sometimes called hyperlocal news sites.

With support from The Patterson Foundation, Block by Block is working with publishers and editors of independent local start ups, both for-profit and nonprofit. We want to help them share what they are learning and what they are struggling with, and to provide resources such as community management, training, mentoring and networking. Janet Coats is project manager for The Patterson Foundation. Reach Janet at janetcoats at yahoo dot com.

Interested in joining the BxB community and having your hyperlocal site listed? Know of a site that we should list? Please fill out this survey.

Our advisory committee members are:

Brad Flora, Windy Citizen

Denise Cheng, The Rapidian

Ben Ilfeld, Sacramento Press

Tracy Record, West Seattle Blog

Lisa Williams, Placeblogger

Block by Block grew out of a project by Michele McLellan at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism in 2009-10. Michele’s idea was simple: Find the most promising local news start ups, make a list of them and connect them at an annual summit and in an online network. Michele is continuing to look for hyperlocal sites that can be part of the Block by Block network, conducting an ongoing site survey and editing this site. Contact Michele at michele dot mclellan at yahoo dot com.

We hope this site will help editors and publishers stay connected.

You can follow us on Twitter – @mybxb

You can find us on Facebook – Block by Block Resource Page.

Please join the conversation.




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