More buck for your bang; There’s a big bag of tech goodies out there to boost your advertising revenue

Now that online publishers are finding some success in advertising revenue, it’s time to think about how to get the most buck for your bang. And since we’re on the internet, we don’t have to muck around in the do-more-with-less sandtrap. “We can do anything!”

That’s the motto for John Crepezzi and Kenny Katzgrau, both of Broadstreet Ads, who moderated the “Tech Tools for Community Publishers” breakout session this afternoon. Turns out there’s a ton of free goodies out there for your website, all you have to do is identify a need, then go looking for the tool.

For starters, if you’re going to sell advertising — and you should — get an adserver. Better yet, get a free adserver — OpenX, DFP. There are others, but the simple options can serve your needs. Also, clean your room. If you’re not using a tool or a widget, get rid of it. Drilling down, take advantage of functions you can use outside your website template, such as MailChimp for newsletters, FaceBook for comments. Keep your site lean and speedy.

There are good strategies, such as “widgetizing” your website. From what I can tell, is creating a number of handy open slots on your website where you can quickly plug-in and unplug without redesigning and rearranging all the furniture. And then there are the practical considerations; take advantage of a continuous monitoring service, like Pingdom, which will send you an alert the minute your website goes down. Better to get an email from Pingdom than an angry phone call from an advertiser or reader.

My main take-away, simply stated by Kenny Katzgrau; “We haven’t even cracked what online advertising is.” I get the feeling that Katzgrau might argue the sky is more limited than advertising and generating revenue on the internet.

Dustin Bleizeffer, WyoFile editor-in-chief


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