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Indie publishers look to directories for revenue, SEO boost

By Sally Duros Ned Berke is on pins and needles about his latest creation for SheepsheadBites, which reports on happenings in Sheepshead Bay, N.Y.  It’s a directory of businesses that he’s creating as a direct response to what advertisers say they … Continue reading

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How relevant are digital influence scores?

As the primary independent online publisher in your  locality, how much should you be concerned about your digital influence? The Internet is abuzz with services like Klout, Cred and PeerIndex each one sounding the alarm, broadcasting how important it is to rank high … Continue reading

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Many ways to listen: Takeaways from my time at the JA

Hello, BxBers! I’ve recently left the Journalism Accelerator, but not before learning a few valuable lessons for measuring and maintaining engagement. I’ve crossposted my goodbye on the JA and hope it will provide you with some fresh ideas for community … Continue reading

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Rapidian’s first fund drive goes social, makes education a priority

By Sally Duros In April, The Rapidian is going to launch its first fund drive in a big way. It’s going social. “We are still working on a sustainibility plan for The Rapidian,” said Holly Bechiri, Managing Editor, “and we … Continue reading

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Google News, indie publishers patiently track each other’s learning curves

By Sally Duros While Google News evolves and learns more about the emerging local news ecosystem, indie publishers might improve search results by revisiting Google’s technical guidelines for News Publishers. Among the most important are establishing a news sitemap, paying attention … Continue reading

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How CTNewsJunkie learned to embrace HTML newsletter ad tags and make more money

If you have been using your email newsletter to get the word out about your latest local coverage, but you’ve not been selling ads in it, you’re  missing an important opportunity to make money. “We have run out of ad … Continue reading

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