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Which paths are leading local news startups to financial success?

This Tuesday and Wednesday a spicy mix of publishers, business folks, entrepreneurs and local news startups are coming together to talk revenue in an online forum at the Journalism Accelerator (JA). Those who have RSVP’d so far bring specific stories to share and … Continue reading

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6 more amazing WordPress plugins for news

By Sally Duros Patricio G. Espinoza, who is a triple Fellow for Knight Digital, Poynter  and  McCormick, offered these WordPress plugins for news that improve your site. Espinoza says he is a journalism Web 2.0 and social media specialist but … Continue reading

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Funders and publishers explore the question: What does ‘sustainability’ really mean?

By Janet Coats In December, The Patterson Foundation and the Investigative News Network invited representatives from national foundations that have been supporting independent and non-profit journalism to participate in a February conversation about financial sustainability for journalism’s startups. The idea … Continue reading

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Five essential WordPress plugins for indie news publishers

Picking from the most popular or highly rated plug-ins at is one way to find new plugins, but it’s more effective to target your search with advice from others who are facing similar challenges. To get the scoop on … Continue reading

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Local advertisers, audience tune into verticals at Sacramento Connect

Sacramento Connect — the partnership between the Sacramento Bee and 190 indie sites  — is holding its own and poised to grow more revenue. It does this by using vertical channels and a Meebo toolbar to connect local advertisers with readers. Any indie news … Continue reading

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Will 2012 be the Year of the Prosperous Publisher?

Block by block founder Michele McLellan put her finger on a cultural challenge many journalists face when starting an independent news site. “A journalist starts, throws herself into the journalism, and thinks if it’s great work, the money will follow,” … Continue reading

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Open communication is juice that runs networked journalism

A peek under the hood of  two Networked Journalism projects reveals inklings toward the future.  First, the legacy and indie newsrooms are satisfied with the “journalism” sum created by the partnerships and agree that it is greater than its parts.  … Continue reading

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100 days and a lesson: There IS a business model for local news

By Janet Coats I’ve heard it over and over and over again: There’s no financial model for intensely local news. The group of 12 independent community news publishers we’ve been working with at The Patterson Foundation are demonstrating just how … Continue reading

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