IRS slows approvals of journalism nonprofits

If you are thinking about going the nonprofit news route, take a look at this post by Josh Stearns and an article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy that reports that applications for nonproft status by journalism organizations are “stuck in a bureaucratic black hole at the IRS.”

Says the Chronicle

The Investigative News Network, a membership group that represents 60 nonprofit “watchdog” media outlets, has been waiting since July 2010 to hear whether its application has been approved.

Brant Houston, the Investigative News Network’s board chairman, says he fears the delays could slow down a journalism movement that is “supplying some of the best investigative work and public service work in the U.S.”

Stearns adds that “tax lawyers interviewed by the Chronicle suggest that the IRS is bundling all the nonprofit news organization applications together and studying them carefully because they have the potential to set precedent. The question is, how long can these small publishers wait?”



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1 Response to IRS slows approvals of journalism nonprofits

  1. sally duros says:

    The IRS has always been slow with this. A decade ago, without the assistance of a “helper” attorney, your 501 (c)3 could wait a year or more for approval. With the special legal friend – pretty fast – in one month to three months. Maybe that has changed recently but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is not the case.

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