Opportunity to have input to the FCC on federal ad dollars for local news outlets

The FCC will hold a hearing this Monday in the information needs of communities. One issue is a proposal to change federal policy so that more federal advertising dollars go to local news outlets, including online community sites.

A letter supporting this proposal was drafted with input from publishers including Ben Ilfeld, Sacramento Press; Susan Mernit, Oakland Local; and Joel Kramer, MinnPost.

It will be added to the FCC record Monday at the hearing.

If you are an independent online local news publisher and would like to sign the letter, please take action by noon ET Saturday.

You can agree have your name on the letter by sending the following info:




Email this to Kurt Wimmer, an attorney who is assisting on this, at

kwimmer at cov dot com

Use the subject line – Community publisher letter to the FCC


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