Jay Rosen: ‘Advertising is not about adjacency’

Last weekend, Jay Rosen was part of a New York University hyperlocal conclave, and there he succinctly talked about how advertising is evolving from legacy media to online: It’s about value-added expertise. News publishers need to deliver an expertise service to advertisers. Help them move beyond simply placing a display ad between stories.

“Advertising now is not about ‘adjacency,’ it’s about selling competence to other people. How you design your organization as it runs, it is creating something that then has commercial value in another context. Gain expertise by doing a particular form of work, go to someone else who needs this highly specialized service.”

One example that comes to mind is Ben Ilfeld’s SacramentoPress.com. Ben, a programming wiz, has developed applications and an advertising portfolio that draws on his digital expertise.

What do you have a special knowledge or service in that can be parlayed into value-add for clients?

Others at the conclave also mused that advertising is no longer about CPMs — something start-ups understand but legacy media still follows. It’s quality over quantity..

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1 Response to Jay Rosen: ‘Advertising is not about adjacency’

  1. Ben Ilfeld says:

    I really appreciate the mention, but I do want to correct one thing: I am NOT a programming wiz. Maybe a self-promoting wiz it would seem.

    Geoff Samek is my business partner and co-founder and he has a background in computer science. He is the VP of product at the company.

    Joel Rosenberg is our VP of technology, part-owner and architected The Sacramento Press. He is absolutely a programming wiz.

    In addition, we are lucky to have two other part-owners, Sim Mendick and Joe Krause. Sim is a Human Computer Interaction specialist and contributed heavily to the design and concept of the project. Joe is a very gifted programmer with photographic memory. He designed and built the initial front end of the site and was a project lead during our initial development.

    I am very, very, very fortunate to have worked with these talented individuals. Like everyone at The Sacramento Press, each of these collaborators are amazing at what they do and allow us to solve complex problems for both our local media ecosystem and our local business partners.

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