Welcome to our new home!

Block by Block is a network for online pioneers who are creating sustainable models to provide community, neighborhood and local niche news.

With support from The Patterson Foundation, Block by Block is working with publishers and editors of independent local start ups, both for-profit and nonprofit. We want to help them share what they are learning and what they are struggling with, and to provide resources such as community management, training, mentoring and networking.

For more information see About us.

For a short time, we’ll post links to this blog from our Posterous blog. We moved to WordPress because it offers a few more features we thought would be useful as we move forward.

You can sign up for RSS for the new blog here.

We’ll be moving content from our previous blog to this one in the near future.

Our Twitter handle, @mybxb, is unchanged and you’ll find a Twitter feed on the home page.

We’ve also added lists of independent online community news start ups under the BxB List tab. If you’re not on the list, and think your site should be, just give us your basic contact information here. If your site meets our criteria, we’ll add you to the list..

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